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0855, 21 Mar 18

Bipartisan School Safety Bill Passes Wisconsin Senate

Ugh… throwing taxpayer money at schools so that politicians can claim that they “did something” in an election year.

The Senate passed a $100 million school safety bill Tuesday that ducked calls by Democrats, students and advocacy groups for gun regulations in the wake of last month’s Florida school shooting.

The bill passed 28-4 with Democratic Sens. Dave Hansen of Green Bay, Mark Miller of Monona, Fred Risser of Madison and Lena Taylor of Milwaukee voting against it.


Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, was the only Republican who spoke in favor of the bill, highlighting that it puts $100 million into both public and private schools throughout Wisconsin to improve their physical security.


0855, 21 March 2018

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  1. MjM

    I received an email solicitation from the Walker campaign today.  I responded thus:  “My school taxes went up $250.  You just wasted $100,000,000.00 of OUR money.  And you are doling out tax credits (meaning: refunds) to those who pay no taxes.  Screw you”

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