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0652, 21 Mar 18

Austin Bomber Kills Himself

And may he rot in hell.

(CNN)A suspect in a wave of bombing attacks in Austin killed himself inside his car with an explosive device early Wednesday as authorities closed in, police said.

Since the bombings started on March 2, investigators frantically searched for clues, calling the attacks the work of a”serial bomber” who increasingly changed tactics. The bombings killed two people and left the Texas capital terrorized with fear for 19 days.

0652, 21 March 2018

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  1. Mark Hoefert

    Wonder if any motivation will be established for this one, as well as the intentions of the guy in Beaver Dam who blew himself up.  Fortunately that guy blew himself up before he could inflict mayhem on innocent victims.  Not so fortunate for his neighbors in his apartment complex – watching their home & belongings intentionally burned by the fire department to mitigate the contamination from an unknown mixture of chemicals stored in his apartment.


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