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1227, 19 Mar 18

Why Are We Protecting Shipwrecks?

I’m going to ask a politically incorrect question, but why are we protecting shipwrecks? What’s the public interest?

TWO RIVERS, Wis. – Dozens of people made a vocal call to Governor Scott Walker to help protect Lake Michigan shipwrecks.
Supporters people rallied in Two Rivers Sunday afternoon.

They’re hoping Walker will name a national marine sanctuary on nearby parts of the lake.

The governor recently pulled back the sanctuary nomination.

Demonstrators say it would bring exposure, tourism, and economic development to the area.

There are a few shipwrecks that are historically significant, but most of them are just human garbage that we left on the bottom of a lake or ocean. They make for interesting diving, but that’s about it.

From what the protesters are saying, the interest seems purely economic. That’s fine, but can we see some financial projections then? What’s the cost of preservation vs. the projected economic benefit? At least we can then make some decisions based on something tangible.


1227, 19 March 2018


  1. steveegg

    Camel nose, tent; some prying expected (and eventually the entire camel inside the tent).

    And by “camel”, I mean the shutdown of a significant portion of Lake Michigan.

  2. jjf

    Shutdown? Did you read the link I provided? They’ve excluded the ports, they don’t see any restrictions on commercial or recreational fishing…

  3. jjf

    I found an explanation of the opposition.

    Given the usually timid nature of elected officials like mayors, why would they have wholeheartedly supported this measure if the opposition’s claims contained even a speck of validity?

    I went to the web site of “Citizens for Responsible Zoning and Landowner Rights” and here is their entire explanation of their opposition: “The State of Wisconsin is ready to GIVE AWAY control of 1,260 sq.mi. of Lake Michigan fresh water, beach and bottomland to the Federal Government / This is an IRREVERSIBLE, historic LOSS and Wisconsin residents are NOT INCLUDED in the FINAL decision unless you speak up now. / WE NEED YOU TO SPEAK UP”.

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