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2103, 07 Feb 18

Walker Proposes Tax Incentives to Other Paper Companies

Wouldn’t it be easier, at this point, to just lower taxes for everyone?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday suggested the state could extend its tax break offer to paper companies besides Kimberly-Clark if the opportunity to prevent job losses is “significant.”

Walker on Monday proposed increasing the tax breaks available to paper company Kimberly-Clark in an effort to prevent the company from shuttering two plants located in Neenah and Fox Crossing, resulting in the loss of 610 jobs from the Fox Valley region.

Under Walker’s proposal, the company could receive a tax incentive of 17 percent of its payroll — up from the 7 percent available under current law. The plan is modeled after the tax breaks offered to Taiwanese electronics company Foxconn, which will receive more than $3 billion in incentives from the state as it builds a plant in southeastern Wisconsin.


2103, 07 February 2018


  1. dad29

    Political campaigns are VERY expensive (for taxpayers.)

    On the other hand, being Santa is cheap, and fun!!

  2. MjM

    Won’t save any jobs.  Sales of the particular products produced by those two K-C plants is down and will continue to fall:  disposable diapers.  The market for newsprint and graphic papers has tanked (think: newpapers/glossy inserts and magazines).   The only thing holding up the industry is demand for packaging products (think: Amazon boxes).

    Oh, and by the way, Tammy has chimed in: “How many tax breaks do you need?

  3. dad29

    Apparently Walker is leading the parade; we note that the US Congress has lots of “subsidies” coming up, mostly for Green Weenie outfits.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    “we note that the US Congress has lots of “subsidies” coming up, mostly for Green Weenie outfits.”

    Maybe you can enlighten all of us on this obviously important topic.  Or is it just Oscar Meyer making hot dogs for St. Pat’s Day.

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