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1626, 05 Feb 18

Walker Proposes Handout to KC


MADISON – Gov. Scott Walker called Monday for giving paper-maker Kimberly-Clark Foxconn-sized job incentives to avoid the closure of plants in Neenah and Fox Crossing.

As Democratic lawmakers were announcing their own Kimberly-Clark plan, the GOP governor called for passing legislation to allow the state to give the paper company the same level of tax credits per job as Foxconn. 

Walker and Republican leaders have said they were willing to provide unprecedented tax credits to Foxconn because the deal with the high-tech company would be “transformational” for the state’s economy. Walker is now saying he’s willing to provide similar incentives for an industry that, while critical to the state, has shed thousands of jobs in recent years.

“To keep 600 jobs here in Wisconsin, I asked the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to offer Kimberly-Clark the same deal for jobs as Foxconn,” Walker tweeted.

Foxconn is at least bringing new jobs to Wisconsin in a new, growing, high-tech industry. KC is a marvelous company with a long history in the state, but it is also experiencing a negative global market shift. We should not use tax dollars to try to fight against market forces.


1626, 05 February 2018



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