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2045, 24 Jan 18

Walker Proposes State Child Tax Credit


MADISON – Heading into the most challenging re-election race of his 25-year political career, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sought to win working voters Wednesday by proposing a $100 per child tax credit and investments in schools and health care.

In his eighth “state of the state” address in the Assembly chamber, Walker spoke for more than an hour and called for the $122 million a year child tax credit that would be paid to parents even if they have no state income tax liability. It’s another step by Walker to rally fellow Republicans and move to the middle after the party’s recent loss in a Senate special election. 

The credit would be paid for by using the state’s expected budget surplus, which was projected last month to come in $138 million better than previously thought.

“As promised, when we have a surplus, we will give it back to you, the hard-working taxpayers,” said Walker, who was joined on the rostrum by children and their parents. “You see, this is your reform dividend. You deserve it.”

This is a transfer of wealth from taxpayers to people – taxpayers or not – with kids. While I do believe that government should have policies that support families, I see no reason why taxpayers without kids should be sending their hard-earned money to their neighbors who have kids.

This is a cheap political handout offered in an election year. I hope the Republicans in the legislature give this proposal the cold shoulder it deserves.


2045, 24 January 2018


  1. dad29

    The (D) leggies who were interviewed called it exactly right:  a series of “Walker Walkbacks” on school funding, ObamaCare tricks, and the child tax thing.

    Now riddle me this:  are Republicans supposed to run over and camp out in front of the polling place just to vote for THIS?  Maybe Scott thinks he sounded a “wake-up” call.

    Not really, Scott.  You bugled retreat!

  2. Owen

    Not only is it bad policy, it’s bad politics. Walker’s secret to electoral success all these years was not wooing Democrats… it was turning out the Republican base in record numbers. To your point… I doubt that this tilt to the left is going to woo any Democrats and moderates. Meanwhile, it will depress enthusiasm among Republicans.

  3. 3rd Way

    Walker walk backs seem like a perfect description.

    Weasles are gonna be weasley.

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