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1320, 28 Dec 17

“Typical family of four”


Gov. Scott Walker’s administration on Wednesday calculated that the typical family of four in Wisconsin will get a $2,508 tax cut under the Republican tax overhaul signed into law last week.

The analysis drew criticism from Democrats and others who said Walker’s Department of Revenue cherry-picked the most favorable numbers to cast the tax cut in the best light possible.

Walker’s analysis looked only at the impact on a typical family of four with two children eligible for an expanded child-care tax credit. He did not offer any numbers showing the impact on other families with more or fewer qualifying children, or on single filers or couples with no children.

Apparently Democrats think that the definition of a “typical family of four” should be expanded to include single people, families with a different number of kids, and and childless couples.


1320, 28 December 2017


  1. jjf

    Democrats? The story says:

    Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance president Todd Berry said the biggest problem with Walker’s analysis is that it chose a two-income, two-child family, which is no longer “typical.”

    “The largest number of filers in Wisconsin are single,” Berry said. “And, among those who file jointly, two kids of tax-credit age are less and less the norm.”

  2. Paul

    Nobody cares, troll.

  3. Pat

    You evidently care Paul, or you wouldn’t give a trolling responce.

  4. billphoto

    C’mon.  Weren’t they talking about “working” people?  To be fair, they should have included a single mother working for minimum wage with 3 children by 3 different daddies.  That does appear to be the goal of those pulling the levers of power in Milwaukee.  Uh oh.  Here I go off to sensitivity training, again.

  5. Paul


  6. dad29

    expanded to include single people, families with a different number of kids, and and childless couples.

    Well, to the Left, “Family” includes 2-daddy or 2-mommy arrangements in vice.  So there’s no reason to be picky about “truth in numbers” either, Owen.

  7. jjf

    Trump had children with three women. Does that count?

  8. dad29

    You must be mistaking Presidents for saints.  Did JFK’s serial adulteries ‘count’?

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