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2153, 19 Dec 17

Gundrum Wins in the 58th

Congratulations to Rick Gundrum for winning the Republican primary election in the 58th Assembly District. Here are the results:


Few comments…

First, we owe a hearty “thank you” to the candidates for running. It is a big task and a huge disruption to someone’s life to run for public office – particularly on short notice. There wasn’t any time to raise funds, so most of them used a lot of their own money to fund their campaigns.

Second, as expected, turnout was pathetic. But we can assume that anyone who voted in this election was an informed and motivated voter. It does show how much power is put into just a few hands in an election like this. In an overwhelmingly Republic district, the odds are very strong that Gundrum will be our next Assemblyman, and he won by a mere 268 votes over the next closest opponent.

Third, although it is considered a safe Republican district, I wouldn’t take anything for granted if I were running. The Democrats are motivated and have a creditable candidate on the ballot.




2153, 19 December 2017


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