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0958, 10 Dec 17

“It makes me infuriated.”

I feel the same way every time the government increases my taxes too.

“I took a risk” to enter graduate school, Tischauser said. “Now they want to take more money out of the measly salary I take home. It makes me infuriated.”

But liberals call me selfish when I want to keep more of the money I earn instead of surrendering it in taxes.


0958, 10 December 2017


  1. Paul

    My company paid for my masters.  I paid taxes on everything above $5,200.

    Jeff Tischauser’s dream of a university teaching career seemed within reach in 2013, when he was accepted into UW-Madison’s doctoral program in journalism and mass communication.

    Garbage PhDs like this need a 400% tax increase.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Gee, we all take a “risk” in whatever field we are in.   I have little sympathy for all these academic whiners.

  3. jjf

    Which word would you like to use to describe the debt introduced with the new tax plan? Will you call your own children “selfish” for not wanting to pay for it?

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