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2017, 03 Dec 17

Closed Meeting for West Bend School Board Tomorrow

This is interesting. The West Bend School Board called for a closed session tomorrow. This is on the agenda:

b. Administrative employment contract

c. Administrative compensation

d. Clarification of roles and responsibilities of specific administrators

e. Discussion of performance evaluations of specific administrators

Bear in mind that the West Bend School District’s superintendent has been on leave since August reportedly for a medical issue. Last Week, John Torinus has a column where he suggested that the School Board was looking for a new superintendent. Is he right?

On another note, I would point out again how deplorable this school board and the district have been at communicating with the public. This meeting was posted sometime late Friday or Saturday morning. That’s within legal guidelines, but hardly open communication. The Daily News doesn’t publish again until after the meeting and much of the community was already into their weekend and won’t look until Monday. Thankfully, an observant reader tipped me off to the notice or I probably wouldn’t have seen it either. Secrecy and obfuscation have become the hallmarks of this board.


2017, 03 December 2017


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