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2022, 27 Nov 17

Walker Signs Homeowners’ Bill of Rights


In private signing sessions, Walker approved Assembly Bill 479  and Assembly Bill 480, which backers have dubbed the “homeowners’ bill of rights.”

Assembly Bill 479 will allow property owners to use and sell substandard lots and comes in response to a June decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that determined a Wisconsin family was not entitled to compensation over development regulations that barred the sale of a lot it owns adjacent to its cottage on Lake St. Croix.

The family wanted to sell the undeveloped lot to finance renovations to their cottage. The adjacent lot had been rendered undevelopable by local land-use policies, and courts ruled the family had not lost the value of its property because the combined parcel could be used to build a new home.

The new law will let property owners build on and sell substandard lots if they were legal when they were created. It will also prohibit merging adjacent lots that share the same owner without the owner’s permission.


2022, 27 November 2017


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