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2145, 15 Nov 17

Senator Johnson Opposes Tax Plan

I’ve had about enough with Senator Johnson.

(CNN)Sen. Ron Johnson announced he is opposed to the tax bill Wednesday, making him the first member of the GOP to formally come out against the party’s plan, though the Wisconsin Republican said he was hopeful about being able to support a final version once changes are made.

Johnson issued a statement saying the current proposal in both chambers is imbalanced in favor of large corporations but he left open the door to supporting the bills if they are altered.
“Unfortunately, neither the House nor Senate bill provide fair treatment, so I do not support either in their current versions,” he said. “I do, however, look forward to working with my colleagues to address the disparity so I can support the final version.”
Here’s the thing… I supported Johnson for election – twice. He originally ran on repealing Obamacare. When it came to getting that done, he and his colleagues failed. Now when it is coming to tax reform, he’s about to be a part of it failing. He’s become a Senator that’s all hat and no cattle. It doesn’t do anyone any good for Johnson to tour Wisconsin and tell us how bad Obamacare is or how much our tax code needs reform if he is unable to bring himself to actually support DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
As to his specific objection, it’s horse shit. The entire purpose of tax reform, I thought, was to spur economic growth and simplify the tax code. Both the House bill and the Senate bill (I like the House’s better) will accomplish those goals to some degree. Yes, in an ideal world, I would like the bill to cut taxes for more people and businesses and be much more simple, but it also has to be something that can get a majority of votes. Johnson is making the enemy of the good. But given the fact that Johnson is smart enough to know that getting something is better than getting nothing, I can only assume that he is just using this as an excuse because he doesn’t actually want to reform our tax system.
Less talk, Ron. More action.

2145, 15 November 2017


  1. dad29

    Well… I heard it today, the Senate tax-bill also includes a provision which would re-institute the health-insurance re-imbursement for ObozoCare losses which Trump refuses to pay.  It’s un-Constitutional, it was initiated by Obozo, and it should remain estopped.

    Maybe RoJo is actually concerned about the “C-corp” vs. “S-corp” tax differential–which, by the way, is not a throw-away matter.  But maybe he’s also sticking it to the Senators who snuck in that provision to pay off the insurance companies, too.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    “But given the fact that Johnson is smart enough to know that getting something is better than getting nothing, I can only assume that he is just using this as an excuse because he doesn’t actually want to reform our tax system.”

    Are you sure?  RoJo has never been considered a smart guy, even by his R colleagues.

    I’m surprised you brought up the Johnson Theory that, “half a loaf is better than no loaf”.  That would imply comprise and that goes completely against conservative practice the past 8+ years.

    Finally, there was a piece on NPR last night, and also in a couple newspapers that said that RoJo is actually concerned about the S-corp vs C-corp problem because it would adversely affect his family business.

  3. dad29

    Well, yes, his family biz.

    But also about 2/3rds of US ‘corporations,’ if not more.  LLC/S-Corps are the vehicle of choice for small businesses which, as we are told 20x/day are “the engine of jobs in America.”

    So in this case, self-interest is absolutely congruent with NATIONAL interests.  IOW, your snide put-down is either just snide, or stupid and snide.  You choose.

  4. Mark Hoefert

    Loss of the medical insurance deduction has the potential to make Obamacare a moot issue as there will be a newfound demand for single-payer insurance.  As I see it, people making COBRA payments or not subsidized on the ACA plans will lose an important deduction.   My wife is taking early retirement next year and we will be on COBRA for 10 months (that will be $21,400 for family plan 2017), I will be on Medicare for 10 months ($1340) and the COBRA insurance will have a $4000 cash deductible.  So, our out of pocket could be up to $27,000.  ACA plans not much better as far as cost and deductibles.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Says the king of snide, ol’ dad.  Pot, meet kettle..

  6. Paul

    At least Dad29 isn’t a Hitler-worshipping troll.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    At least neither dad nor I are lying trolls with no known social life….

  8. dad29

    …there will be a newfound demand for single-payer insurance….

    Not on ObozoCare terms; in total, ObozoCare will take 9% of your GROSS income in premiums.  That’s a large burden before deductibles and co-pays, no?

  9. Paul

    Nobody cares, Le Roy du Moore.

  10. billphoto

    With the carveouts and special deals, I am not a fan of either House or Senate version.  These tax plans reek of the same stench as the bozos who claim to be conservative until after election day.

    I have to wonder if Sen. Johnson is playing the neanderthal as a negotiating position with the bonus of the publicity to expose the Senate tax plan to a wider audience – seldom if ever the Main Stream Media would cover anything positive about their enemies but salivate at the opportunity to show anything negative.  From what I have seen broadcast, Sen. Johnson snookered the media.

    If I am wrong and he is pulling a McCain, he will be out of job soon.


  11. jjf

    Careful, Owen, someone might ask you to show proof for your notion that tax reform spurs economic growth.

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