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0650, 10 Nov 17

Assembly Passes Body Cam Bill

This is a good bill.

The bill would not require departments to use body cameras, but sets policies they must abide by if they do.

Under the bill, most footage would be kept from the public. Footage would be available under the state’s open records law if it was taken in a public place and involved a death, physical harm, an arrest or a search.

If death, physical harm, arrests or searches occurred in a place where someone would ordinarily expect privacy, the footage could be released only if all victims and witnesses agreed to that in writing. The owner of the property where the police encounter occurred in most cases would also have to sign off on its public release.

There is a balancing point we have to find in access to police body cam footage. We have to balance the public’s right to know with citizen’s expectation of privacy. This bill strikes a reasonable balance.


0650, 10 November 2017

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  1. jjf

    Reasonable balance? Tell us why.

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