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0905, 04 Nov 17

Tiffany Koehler Announces for 58th

We have a race!

Nov. 3, 2017 – Washington Co., WI – A formal announcement is set for Monday, Nov. 6 as Tiffany Koehler is expected to set into the ring as a candidate for the open seat in the 58th Assembly District.

For the past 11 months Koehler has served as the policy advisor and legislative aide to Rep. Bob Gannon.

The seat in the 58th Assembly District opened last month following the untimely death of Rep. Gannon.

Koehler ran for this seat in the primary against Gannon after former Representative Pat Strachota retired. It speaks well for her that her former primary opponent would hire her to work for the district in Madison.


0905, 04 November 2017


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