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2124, 29 Oct 17

Nine Wisconsin School Districts Seek More Money From Taxpayers

Milton’s is the biggest.

MILTON — Classrooms remain crowded, enrollment continues to rise and, just like a year ago, the Milton School District is back with a referendum to build a new high school.

Only this time around the plan is less expensive, a bit smaller and is the only item on the Nov. 7 ballot.

Officials in this Rock County community are hopeful that the changes and the timing will be enough to persuade voters to approve a $69.9 million question. The plan would convert the existing high school to a middle school, and the middle school to an intermediate school, and reconfigure the grades in the district’s four elementary schools. In November 2016, an $87 million plan was defeated by 287 votes out of 10,895 ballots cast.


2124, 29 October 2017


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