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1919, 24 Jul 17

Report: Wisconsin Wins Foxconn Sweepstakes

Mark Belling reported this afternoon that Foxconn has selected Wisconsin as the site of a new plant that will employ 10,000 workers. This will be YUGE for Wisconsin!



1919, 24 July 2017


  1. Rep Bob Gannon

    Whether this comes to fruition or not, the fact that Wisconsin is being considered for these types of investment speaks volumes. Act 10, right to work, tax reforms, etc, are making our state attractive to outsiders.


  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Wisconsin is Open for Business under Walker.

    Liberals are being proven wrong big time by Walker.


  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Source :US Congress Joint Economic Committee  (as of 1-1-17)

    Median income:  WI $55,400     MN $68,700

    Wage growth: WI 0.2%   MN 2.8%

    Job Creation:  WI 17,000   MN 21,000

    Wages, Women/Men   WI 78%   MN 81%

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