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1452, 13 Jul 17

Prevailing Wage Repeal Gains Momentum

Do it!

Full repeal of Wisconsin’s prevailing wage requirement is once more gaining momentum after its lead state Senate supporter said it must be included in the next state budget.

The demand from Assistant Senate Majority Leader Leah Vukmir, R-Brookfield, inserts another wrinkle into already-tense talks about how to break the state budget impasse. Lawmakers and Gov. Scott Walker already missed a July 1 deadline to enact the budget.

Twenty-four GOP lawmakers included prevailing wage repeal in a separate proposal, made public Thursday, that they say would cut costs at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Together the developments re-ignite a prevailing wage repeal debate that, at least publicly, had grown dormant in recent weeks.


1452, 13 July 2017

1 Comment

  1. billphoto

    Do it, hell yes!  The unions and the road builders have been running ads that make it sound like everyone in Wisconsin is against repealing wage.  Lobbying to keep their sweetheart deal.

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