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0811, 10 Jul 17

Bill Would Allow Schools To Provide Firearm Education


Wisconsin high school students would learn how to handle a range of guns — from handguns to rifles — as an elective class under a state Assembly bill introduced last week. 

Rep. Ken Skowronski (R-Franklin) is the lead sponsor of the bill, which would allow schools to offer on-site gun education classes. Its purpose is to promote gun safety and to boost participation in trap shooting, he said.

The bill would not change a current law that prohibits live ammunition and its use on school property.

The bill would not require schools to offer a class. If they did, students would not have to take it. However, the bill would require school superintendents to develop curricula.


0811, 10 July 2017


  1. jonnyv

    I am all for having options for the students, including this one. But in a world where funding is so tight that schools have to FIGHT for simple things like orchestra or band (and yet we have money for huge locker rooms) , I personally think that this SHOULD go over like a lead balloon.

    Personally, I think this should be a private class, not done through schools. I would rather see a basic plumbing class or personal finance before this one.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    I’m surprised that this is an issue.  I know of several HS up here that offer Hunter Ed/Gun Safety as part of an Outdoor Recreation class that allows a student to get all or most of the DNR certifications (trapper, ATV, boating, sno-mo, etc).


  3. dad29

    JohnnyV you’re right–but not right enough!

    Why do high schools have orchestras?  Why should school budgets include instruction for same–and for bands?

    Don’t get me wrong:  I value music far more than most people.  But a lotta dollars get spent on this stuff which COULD be used for Three R’s.

  4. billphoto

    Mayor Barrett and Chief Flynn want in school driver’s ed so the car thieves don’t crash so many cars.  Firearms instruction seems the logical next step.  In March, a Milwaukee building inspector was shot in the face with a 12 gauge shotgun during an attempted carjacking but the 17 year old triggerman said the shotgun went off accidentally.  Maybe he could be the poster child for firearms education in the classroom.

    Paying for these programs will be easy if the deadwood can be cleaned out of our schools.  At Hartford, one piece of deadwood got the kids their yearbooks in August, the week of move-in at UW.  Bet sacking just her would save $150K.  Just imagine the savings if we could get rid of all the deadwood.

  5. jonnyv

    Dad29, if I had my way, we would eliminate all sports from schools and make them city clubs. Let them come in and promote themselves during open houses, etc. Let us focus on the necessities up through 5th grade:Math, Science, Reading, English, Art & Music, & Phy Ed.

    After that point then give optional courses that students can sign up for. Home Ec, Personal Finance, Music, Art, Guns, etc. Let the kids sign up for what they want at the end of the year and then the schools can accurately adjust based on what they need.

    Football is already starting to see a decline in participation due to fears of concussions and long term possible issues.

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