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1401, 13 Jun 17

Potential Democratic Contender Didn’t Sign Recall


Gronik’s explanation for why he didn’t sign?

“I was never asked to sign the recall petition,” Gronik told FOX6 News in an email. He declined an interview.

Gronik said he’s against Act 10, Walker’s signature law, despite not signing a recall petition.

“I support collective bargaining and find it inconceivable that anyone would ever make decisions about how to provide the highest quality education for our children without having teachers at the table,” he said in his email to FOX6.

Mordecai Lee, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, questioned Gronik’s explanation.

“If they really were committed to being against Act 10 and figured that, as a Democrat, this was a symbol of how they opposed Scott Walker, you think somebody could’ve found how to do it,” Lee said. “You couldn’t go out in public and not have somebody ask you to sign the recall petition.”

First, the recall petition has been used by righties in Wisconsin to disqualify candidates for office – particularly in local races. It has been used as a litmus test to disprove someone’s assertion that they were conservative. And every time it has come up, lefties get their knickers in a twist about how they were just “exercising their rights” and how signing the recall shouldn’t be used against someone.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. A guy without a political record is thinking about running for governor as a Democrat and the fact that he didn’t sign the recall is making lefties uneasy. Is he really a lefty like them if he didn’t sign the recall? One wonders…


1401, 13 June 2017


  1. jjf

    The recall petitions are five years old. People could’ve signed for all sorts of reasons… of course many didn’t like Walker and his methods, but also because some citizens saw the unrest and were fair-minded enough that they wanted their fellow citizens to have a chance to carry out a recall, or because they wanted to support their mom who suggested they should sign the petition, or anything else we can imagine. You think someone might not be able to change their mind about Walker after five years? Why are the petitions still relevant?

  2. dad29

    So was the Gronik auction house a union shop?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    He could have always said he did and petitions tend to get lost and not submitted.   That might have saved face with lefties.

    However, he could be a New Democrat, breaking with the old, failing Democratic party.    Depends what he is going for if that is the position.

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