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1754, 09 Jun 17

Wisconsin Republicans Considering Massive Tax Increases

What. The. Heck?

MacIver News Service | June 9, 2017

By Bill Osmulski

The Joint Committee on Finance is considering almost a dozen different tax and fee increases to boost transportation funding, according to Fiscal Bureau memos released Thursday.

The Fiscal Bureau laid out 11 options for transportation fund revenue raisers “that have been the subject of frequent legislative inquiry” over the past year.



Here’s an easy prediction… if the Republicans push through a big tax increase, they will not retain control of both houses of the legislature for the next budget.


1754, 09 June 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Are the DOT bureaucrats and road builders the only constituency in Madison these days?

    Cut DOT staff, that is solution.

  2. NHolland

    Ha ha ha… Glad in not a Walker supporter. Although I do want him to serve four more. By the time the next four are over the true damage will show. And what a great idea, put people out of work so Kevin can save $20 on his taxes. You really are a piece of… Work!

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    “Cut DOT staff, that is solution”.    Proof??  Thought not.

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