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1310, 02 Jun 17

Teaching Gun Safety in Schools

I completely agree that schools should include more practical courses like basic economics, personal finance, basic agriculture, and, yes, gun safety. I’m not as convinced that it needs to be driven at the state level. Local districts seem perfectly capable of partnering with local law enforcement if they want to offer a course like this. West Bend even has an excellent local private business, Delta Defense, with some of the best firearm safety instructors in the nation that I’m sure would be delighted to help educate kids about gun safety.

MADISON — A group of Republican legislators is circulating a bill that would create gun safety classes for high school students.

Under the bill, the state superintendent would have to work with the state Department of Natural Resources or police or an organization that specializes in firearms safety or certifies firearm instructors to develop the curriculum for an elective class on gun safety. Schools would not be required to offer the course.


1310, 02 June 2017


  1. dad29

    Agreed that we do not need more “help” from the State for strictly local matters.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Our high school already offers Hunter Ed, along with boating, snowmobile and trapper certs.  Nothing new here.

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