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1822, 30 May 17

Campus Free Speech Bill Moves Ahead


The Assembly’s higher education committee passed an amended version of a Republican-backed campus speech bill Tuesday that requires University of Wisconsin System institutions to punish students who take part in disruptive protests.

Changes to the legislation spelled out more specifically the types of disruptions that could lead to discipline for UW students and employees, and toughened penalties for those who run afoul of the new rules by requiring universities to expel any student who violates the policy three times.

First Amendment advocates had warned that the bill’s original language was unconstitutionally vague, and raised concerns that its mandatory punishments treat mild heckling with the same severity as the at times violent demonstrations that have led Republican lawmakers across the country to introduce similar legislation.

The amendments and the bill itself passed the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities on party-line votes Tuesday.

The bill directs the UW Board of Regents to create a process for disciplining students who engage in “violent or other disorderly conduct that materially and substantially disrupts the free expression of others.” It also states that System institutions must “strive to remain neutral” on public policy controversies.


1822, 30 May 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great.   Maybe some of these Stalinist gulags can be liberated with better ideas now.

  2. jjf

    Expelled without even a hearing?

    Tell me why extended clapping wouldn’t be considered disruptive under these rules.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Extended clapping is not disorderly conduct.

    This had to be done because of thuggish liberal behavior on campus. As past victim of liberal campus thugs…it’s about time!

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