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0711, 17 May 17

Republicans Get Wobbly on Tax Relief

Wisconsin Republicans seem to have lost the will to actually make bold reforms. Some want to nibble around the edges and some want to be Democrats. Complacency is a sure path to returning to the minority.

Gov. Walker wants to eliminate the tax, which is the last remaining portion of the state property tax. However, Joint Committee on Finance Co-Chairs, Senator Darling and Representative John Nygren, said there is division in their caucuses whether or not to do that.

“I think there’s some in our caucus that have concerns about the funding that the mill tax – things it funds with forestry – especially when you get into more rural parts of the state, but we also know it’s been a little bit of a slush fund,” Nygren said.

Nygren said he agrees with the governor on eliminating the tax. Darling said lower property taxes is a shared priority between the governor and legislature, but was less committal about where she stands on the issue.

“I think if you ask the regular person, what’s the most onerous tax? They’d say the property tax,” Darling said. “So that’s why we have it as a priority, and why it’s going to be a big issue of whether to accept the governor’s proposal on the forestry mill tax, or to have an alternative.”


0711, 17 May 2017


  1. dad29

    There’s a reason that the Pubbies are skittish about tax reduction:  they cannot or will not reduce SPENDING and the State (nominally, at least) has a balanced-budget requirement.

    I’m sure you noted the story which exploded the Myth of the Walker Balanced Budget, too….(hint:  it has to do with GAAP.)

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Nygren is walking the tightrope on eliminating the forestry mil tax.  It means a lot to folks in his district where forestry is a big economic driver.  Timber sales off county forests in Oconto County alone brought in $1 million+ to the county general fund in 2016.  Marinette County has a much larger county forest system, and I sure had much bigger income.

    The forestry tax doesn’t just benefit loggers, but is also beneficial to any outdoor recreational group ; campers, anglers, hunters, bird watchers, or mushroom and berry pickers.  All of whom spend money in the local economy.

  3. steveegg

    They’re just following the national trend of what should be termed former Republicans becoming Democrats.

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