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0923, 13 May 17

Walker To Run Again

The biggest non-secret in Wisconsin politics is out.

Gov. Scott Walker plans to tell Republicans at their annual convention Saturday that he is “ready” for four more years, eliminating any question about whether the governor would seek a third term.

“I’m ready. I’m ready to help lead Wisconsin forward for four more years. But I need your help,” Walker plans to tell Republicans, according to excerpts of his speech provided to the Wisconsin State Journal by his campaign.

Walker has repeatedly signaled he would seek a third term but has said he will not formally announce his decision until after the 2017-19 state budget process is complete later this summer.

“We won in 2010 with a grassroots army of volunteers. We won with an even bigger force during the recall election in 2012. And we won with another grassroots flurry in 2014,” Walker plans to say. “Now, we need your help again.”



0923, 13 May 2017


  1. Pat

    When you’re a career politician with no other life skills, what other choice do you have?

  2. Owen

    Run for president?

  3. Paul

    Well, if you’re a career politician with no life skills, you could troll the state’s leading conservative blog.

    Exhibit A – Le Roi du Bore

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    Or go by the name petite paul and exhibit ignorance at every opportunity.

  5. billphoto

    I like Walker’s accomplishments but I wish there were more.  Wisconsin, considering the high real estate taxes and income taxes, is ranked no. 3 as the worst state for taxes so there is still a long ways to go.

  6. Pat

    Yeah, he could make another attempt at running for president, if you consider his last attempt proof of having a successful life skill.

  7. dad29

    having a successful life skill.

    umnnhhhhh……Presidential run……successful life skill………

    How about ….oh, for kicks….being married to a successful politician and high-level grifting…..and THEN running for President?  Twice.  And failing both times?

  8. Kevin Scheunemann

    Very exciting.   We will get 4 more years of one of the greatest chief executives in history of WI.


  9. Pat

    “How about ….oh, for kicks….being married to a successful politician and high-level grifting…..and THEN running for President? Twice. And failing both times?”


  10. billphoto

    There is a great difference between Scott Walker and Russ Feingold.  Gov. Walker is one of the few that recognizes the rudimentary flaws in our government, Feingold was part of it.  For example:

    Bureaucrats run our government.  Soon after I was elected, our Board had the opportunity to change the employees pension contribution from zero to 25%.  A top bureaucrat lied to the Board, stating she had spoken with a Director in Madison and it was illegal to have employees pay for their pensions.  I thought this smelled like week old fish and started digging.  The result was I documented and then exposed to the Board that the County’s top bureaucrat was a liar.

    Much to my surprise, most Supervisors wanted my scalp!

    I learned that bureaucrats have little interest in doing what’s best for the people that fund their paychecks and the majority of elected officials are more interested in being re-elected than their constituents needs unless you are passing out campaign cash.

    This was pre-Act 10.  Gov. Walker recognized this conundrum and actually did something.  Governor Scott Walker has earned my vote for a third term.

  11. dad29

    Well, so long as we all understand that Walker is using the Tommy Thompson Grift–spending like crazy, reducing taxes, and borrowing the diff….

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    I know this will come as a surprise, but I agree with you.  Except TGT was a lot smoother, and way smarter.

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