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1615, 03 May 17

McCabe to Run for Guv?

It’s kind of funny that McCabe has been held up in the media as an impartial government watchdog for years despite his obvious liberal bias. Now, at least, he admits his bias.

Former Wisconsin Democracy Campaign executive director Mike McCabe said Wednesday he’s mulling a gubernatorial campaign in response to a letter from 190 Wisconsinites urging him to run.

McCabe said he’s willing to run, but cautioned that an announcement wouldn’t come until after Labor Day and would depend on his supporters helping to organize a campaign.

“Obviously a lot of pieces would have to fall into place to make that happen,” McCabe said in an interview. “It’s not something that I’ve been planning for. So I really have to take the coming weeks and months to be able to pull everything together. That’s not something that can all be figured out today or this week.”

McCabe, 56, is founder and president of Blue Jean Nation, a nonprofit that engages citizens to challenge the political establishment. He was a founding member of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which tracks campaign finance in the state, and served as director from 2000 to 2015. He previously worked for the Madison School District, Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and three Republican legislators.

McCabe said he doesn’t know if he would run as an independent or a Democrat, but acknowledged that it would be difficult to run a third-party campaign.


1615, 03 May 2017


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