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2052, 01 May 17

Lefty Lawyer Announces Run for Wisconsin Supreme Court

It looks like the Democrats have found a candidate early this cycle.

Madison attorney Tim Burns today announced he will run for the state Supreme Court next year, when conservative Justice Michael Gableman would be up for re-election.

Burns, who said his legal practice focuses on challenging insurance companies on behalf of businesses and consumers, said he was inspired to run because he has watched the judiciary’s fairness and impartiality getting chipped away over the last several decades due to judges being aligned with special interests and “radical philosophies.”

I got a kick out of this.

Burns also said he does not plan to self-fund his campaign, saying he disagrees with that approach to running for office.

“It doesn’t comport with my notion of democracy,” he said. “It worries me because it sends a message that only rich folks can be in elected office.”

In true Democrat fashion… he’ll only spend other people’s money on his own ambitions.


2052, 01 May 2017


  1. dad29

    he’ll only spend other people’s money on his own ambitions.

    I think the term “Bloodsucker” applies.  Notify Nord.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    So it’s OK for a Koch or Adelson to fund a campaign, but if a “lefty” asks for campaign donations it is bloodsucking.  So many hypocrites, so little time…..

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