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2142, 01 May 17

Inquest Jury Recommends Charges

Bearing in mind that only the prosecutors get to present to an inquest jury so they only get one side of the story, it sure does appear that something went terribly wrong at the jail and someone is responsible for this man’s death.

An inquest jury Monday issued an advisory verdict that probable cause of a crime exists in the death of Terrill Thomas in the Milwaukee County Jail a year ago.

The jury found probable cause of a crime in the actions of seven jail officials under a felony statute prohibiting abuse, neglect and ill-treatment of inmates.

Now it will be up to District Attorney John Chisholm to decide if any criminal charges are warranted in the April 2016 death of Thomas, a 38-year-old with bipolar disorder who was deprived of water and a mattress during seven straight days at the Milwaukee County Jail run by Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.


2142, 01 May 2017


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