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1605, 25 Apr 17

Paying for Premiums

Yes. Do it.

Gov. Scott Walker made the case on Monday for a requirement in his two-year budget proposal that would make some K-12 education funding contingent on districts’ compliance with Act 10.

Under Walker’s spending plan, teachers would be required to pay at least 12 percent of their health costs in order for a district to receive per-pupil aid increases of $200 in the first year of the budget and $204 in the second.

Remember that 12% is still FAR below the average for all workers. It’s even far less than the average for government workers. Here are the numbers:


Tell me again that 12% is out of line?


1605, 25 April 2017

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  1. billphoto

    The State and Local Government TAX PAYER GUARANTEED PENSION employee contribution is 50%.  Employers, that’s us, pay 50%.

    The average employer contribution to a 401K retirement account is 2.7%.  Many will match an employees contribution up to a fixed amount.  Ours has a 6% cap.

    How about State and Local Government employees pay 94% and we pay 6%.  Seems more equitable to me especially considering if my 401K investments tank, I am on the hook for 100% of the loss.  Time to rethink that tax payer guarantee, too.

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