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1225, 02 Apr 17

Bait and Switch in Kewaskum

This letter to the editor points out some screwy stuff happening in the Kewaskum School District.

March 28, 2017 – Kewaskum, WI – I have quite a few questions concerning actions by the Kewaskum School Board and how it affects the community. I’m not alone.

An article was published in the Feb. 9, 2017 Kewaskum Statesman, ‘Kewaskum School District Considers New Building Plan.’

It said after 18 months of development by administration, the Long Range Planning Committee, Bray Architect and CD Smith, that 60 days after the referendum passed a board member indicated, “The whole board will be eating crow because it is the right thing to do.”

How can that happen? How do you meet for 18 months and the building plan you forward to referendum is not right?

He brings up a good point. The Kewaskum School Board put a referendum on the ballot to borrow $28.4 million to do some substantial renovations to several buildings. They showed the public a plan, drawings, cost estimates, etc. and touted how they had spent such a long time developing a detailed plan. Here’s what they touted:


Then, within 2 months of the voters approving the referendum, the School Board scraps the plan upon which it was based and is going with something else? That has all of the hallmarks of corruption, incompetence, and/or dishonesty.


1225, 02 April 2017

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  1. Walt Kowalski

    This was a complete coordinated bait and switch pulled by the school board and their various minions throughout the community.  A week before the referendum vote a pipe just happen to “burst” what appears  on the front page of the local paper but a picture of water flowing out of a light fixture in that picture there is no can to catch water or warning signage or anything else just some students watching it pour out. I have questions on the validity of the occurrence, but what I surmised when I saw that was there is no way this 28 million boondoggle will not pass. I believe that the residents were duped when people saw this, it was yes there has to be something done to fix our schools (plural) I have not spoken with anyone that thought yes a leaking pipe in the high school best way to fix that we build a new middle school contrary to the bill of goods that was presented to the residents. There still has been no discussion as why is there never any preventative maintenance that I believe we have budgeted and funded through our property taxes.

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