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1813, 29 Jan 17

Wisconsin GOP Website Redone

C’mon, man!? Who at the GOP thought that this was the best picture to use for the home page of the Wisconsin GOP? Let’s just make the Liberals’ propaganda easy, eh?



1813, 29 January 2017

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  1. jjf

    It’s completely imaginable that they did it on purpose. Given the new Trumpian age, it seems many actions are designed to cause outrage among the opposition. It distracts. It saps energy. It affirms their suspicions. All at no cost to the WisGOP.

    The base doesn’t care. They’re ready and eager to excuse it if someone accuses them of using Hitlerian imagery. As such, it affirms their suspicions of the left, and reinforces their sense of belonging and support for the WisGOP. I say it was done on purpose for all these reasons.

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