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1958, 22 Jan 17

Wisconsin State Senator Introduces Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform


MADISON, Wis. – Law enforcement would no longer be able to seize and keep an innocent person’s property under a bill aimed at reforming Wisconsin’s civil asset forfeiture law.

State. Sen. Dave Craig last week released the bill for co-sponsorship.

The Town of Vernon Republican said it’s astonishing that it’s “common practice” in Wisconsin and so many other states to allow law enforcement and district attorneys to launch civil lawsuits against property suspected to have been used in a criminal enterprise even though the person linked to the property is never charged with a crime.


1958, 22 January 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Good reform.


  2. penquin

    Very good reform, indeed.

    That’s the second time in the past couple months I’ve had to give the WI-GOP some kudos for actually serving the public rather than kowtowing to their corporate donors. Here’s hoping they keep it up!

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