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2242, 13 Jan 17

Another Act 10 Case Settled

Excellent. Hopefully other districts will follow Neenah’s lead.

NEENAH – The Wisconsin Supreme Court has declined to review a case brought by Neenah teachers over a change in retirement benefits.

The court’s denial ends a process that has lasted nearly four years, the district said in a news release Friday.

After Act. 10 was passed, Neenah was prohibited from bargaining or contractually agreeing to any provisions other than base wages, according to a state Court of Appeals document.

“In response, Neenah drafted an employee policy manual, which established policies and procedures to address benefits and the terms and conditions of employment that had previously been addressed” in the collective bargaining agreement, the document states. Neenah then voted to change the retirement benefit plans, which applied to those retiring on or after Oct. 2, 2012.

The new plan significantly reduced retirement benefits.

The teachers argued that the original retirement plan was promised to teachers in return for lower salaries and benefits.

A Winnebago County Circuit Judge dismissed the case, a decision the state Court of Appeals for the Second District upheld, though on different grounds.


2242, 13 January 2017

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  1. penquin

    Act 10, and the fall-out that has happened since, opened the eyes for a lot of liberals of exactly what conservatives mean when they say “Never trust the government


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