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1913, 03 Jan 17

Justice Annette Ziegler to Run Unnapposed

Given how contentious supreme court races have been in Wisconsin for the last decade, it is shocking that the liberals didn’t even field a candidate.

Also up for re-election this spring is Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler, who did not draw an opponent by Tuesday’s deadline to file nomination papers for candidacy in the state’s April election. She will be the first Supreme Court candidate since 2006 to run unopposed.

Don’t get me wrong… Justice Ziegler has been a great justice. I supported her the last time she ran and I would support her again 100%… but it’s almost a shame that she is running unopposed. These are important races and the public needs to discuss the court, how it functions, it’s direction, etc. from time to time.

Ah well… congrats to Justice Ziegler on her (almost) reelection.


1913, 03 January 2017


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals are still shocked from what happened in WI in November.

  2. jjf

    Few want to subject themselves to the endless and anonymous personal attacks funded by the WisGOP machine.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Doubt conservatives will march on the personal residence of the candidate like liberals did to Scott Walker.

    Doubt conservatives will harass their kids, like liberals did to Walkers kids.

    Doubt conservatives will serve multiple death threats every day like liberals did to Alberta Darling, Walker, and many other GOP representatives.

    Doubt conservatives will yell “You are (f…expletive) dead” like liberal Democrat representative did in legislative proceedings to his opponents.

    Civility has  gone into the toilet because of liberals.  There is no where to go but up.   So Democrats shouldn’t have a problem as long as it stay above this liberal sewer standard.    I’m sure civility will improve because nobody does political nonsense better than liberals in the last 5 years in this state.

    I don’t think Republicans are capable of coming close to the liberal cesspool listed above, even if they tried.


  4. jjf

    Your blinders are too tight, Kevin. If you are focused on poor behavior, and only the poor behavior of people who don’t share your political views, you will easily find a continuous diet of examples of poor behavior, no matter how small.

    Your blinders are tight and you don’t seek or see the same crappy behavior on the right. It’s there. You’re just not looking for it, nor do you focus on it, nor do you remember it so you can trot it out later. If I brought forth examples now, they’d roll off your brain like water off a duck. Why is that?

    If you admitted it was there, we could begin to have a substantive conversation about what encourages and discourages that behavior. We could even discuss whether we’re seeing more of it on the right or the left. We could discuss how to get away from it.

    Do you want a “we” here? Or only a “them”?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’ll bite.

    Can you come up with one example that even comes close to the persitent severity when it comes to destruction of civility of the 4 liberal examples I presented?

    Just 1?


  6. penquin

    Was it a liberal or a conservative who ended up choking another judge while in chambers? Was it a conservative or a liberal who was spitting on fellow citizens for collecting signatures on a petition? Was it a conservative or a liberal who tried to run his own wife over due to who she was going to vote for? Was it a conservative or a liberal sitting Vice-president who told a senator to “fuck off”? Was it a conservative or a liberal who bragged about grabbing women by the pussy?

    Ain’t saying all liberals are saints, rather just disagreeing with Kevin’s implication that no conservative ever behaves in an “uncivil” manner…


    All that aside, everyone knows that the WMC has this Supreme Court locked up for many-many election cycles to come. Given how much out-of-state and even out-of-country funds they pour into our local and state races, we can expect to see even more and more people giving up on the process and not even trying.

    Isn’t this what you wanted tho? This blog keeps telling us how terrible the Democratic party is and how horrible liberals are…so isn’t it a good thing that Wisconsin is being totally controlled by your political party?

  7. jjf

    Kevin, re-read what I wrote. Do you search for examples of conservatives behaving in a manner that destroys civility? Or only liberals? What are you doing, personally, to improve the quality of civil dialog?

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    “Civility has  gone into the toilet because of liberals”.  More humor/fiction from Kevin.

    Penquin and jjf:  Great stuff !  Keep it coming !

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    1.) conpletely made up.

    2.) what petition incident would you be referring to?

    3.) never heard of the run over wife story…reliable media source?

    4.) could care less if VP swears. Big difference between profanity and threatening someone’s life.

    5.) Provate locker room talk. What happened to private matters being private under Clinton standard?

    Nothing close to liberal behavior.

  10. penquin

    I don’t beleive Clinton is someone to be emulating or the bar that one should be measured against, and I truly ain’t interested in quibbling with you over what is and what is not “completely” made up and what is a “reliable” news source …we’ll simply let the record show that you truly&honestly can not imagine any conservative ever being uncivil and any examples of such behavior is nothing more than a lie.

    Knowing that you beleive/feel as such makes it easier for me to understand you, as a person, and the various opinions/stances you hold.

  11. jjf

    I’ll keep it simple, Kevin. Have you ever spotted what you’d consider to be poor conservative behavior? What was it?

    Technology makes it easy to popularize isolated examples of poor behavior, and this in turn fuels attention seekers and encourages more poor behavior. Someone’s wearing a ridiculous outfit in Walmart? A pic gets taken and passed around. The newspapers would’ve never bothered with this, but someone with a blog can make a name for themselves among people who think that’s funny and interesting.

    Some of it is as old as time. Inflame a crowd and there will be one or two who get riled up and decide to scream something more offensive and dramatic than the rest. Does that color the rest? You didn’t hear of any incidents like this at Trump rallies in the last year?

    There’s a recent conviction of a conservative in Wood County who voted twice. In court he blamed it on listening to too much talk radio.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann

    Answer is: No, never seen behavior on level from conservatives that Walker and other conservatives had to endure from liberals last 6 years.

    Republicans still ran, so Democrats should “man up” because they will never face incivility on constant level liberals put good conservatives through.

  13. jjf

    Well, Walker and the WisGOP are in power now. They’ve acted unilaterally on many fronts. They’ve provoked a strong reaction.

    Compare and contrast to the language used by some (many?) conservatives when it comes to Obama or other Democrats.

    When you examine your own language that you use against those who have views contrary to your own, do you think you’re setting a good example and encouraging civility?

  14. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’ll bite.

    [Accurately] Quote anything I have said that remotely comes close to the uncivil behavior of liberals I cited in this state the last 6 years?

    I’m always open for discussion about anything I have said.


  15. jjf

    Don’t twist my question. My question was simple and direct:

    When you examine your own language that you use against those who have views contrary to your own, do you think you’re setting a good example and encouraging civility?

    I don’t have a clear grasp of the bar you’ve set for uncivil behavior. You say the liberals are far worse than conservatives. Where’s your bar for uncivil behavior? Are some conservatives behaving badly? Can you give me an example of conservative poor behavior that isn’t as bad as liberal poor behavior? And, as my question asks, where is your own behavior and language?

  16. Kevin Scheunemann

    Couldn’t find any alleged actual quote example of my “uncivil” behavior?

    Tough break.

    My “bar” for uncivil behavior is basic decency.

  17. jjf

    Do you think you’re setting a good example and encouraging civility?

  18. penquin

    It isn’t just Kevin…lots of people, on all sides of the political debate, are too entrenched in their own echo chamber in order to see anything bad about their own side. In fact, they really don’t see too much good about their own side either, but they have so much hatred and disgust for those other people that they will willingly go along, without questioning, with whatever their Political Party wants. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    The “divide and conquer” strategy that Gov Walker bragged about is working as intended, and it is destroying our state & country.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    I would say I set a good example, not a perfect example.

    I don’t use profanity, try to stick to issue, and like to engage debate, not discourage debate.

  20. Kevin Scheunemann


    Sounds like you live in your own self satisfied echo chamber.

    It’s similar to bragging about your humility.

  21. jjf

    I predict that everything that has happened in Wisconsin since Walker was elected, will play out writ large at the national level in the days to come. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Even if Trump resigns out of narcissistic frustration, or if he’s impeached for ethical reasons, Pence and the rest will continue to run the table. We’re going to see every crazy Republican / ALEC bill draft turned into law.

  22. penquin

    Looks like that whole sticking to the issues and engaging debate-thing lasted less then three minutes, eh Kev?

    Jokey pokes aside & back on topic – sounds like there is a lot of turmoil among the state Dems over this conceding-the-Supreme Court-without-a-fight situation. Many folks on the left have been disgusted with the party for quite a while now, and this is only making things worse for DPW. Expect to see even more lefties/liberals gravitating towards third/fourth political parties as people become aware of it.


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