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1106, 18 Nov 16

UW Intolerance

UW Madison has to be one of the most intolerant places in America for different perspectives. Check out some of the video from MacIver.

Protesters at UW-Madison chanted and tried to block the stage at a speech by conservative Ben Shapiro on Wednesday on the UW-Madison campus, but ultimately Shapiro was able to deliver his remarks to a crowd of about 500 attendees.

The speech, entitled “Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings,” was met with chants of “safety” and accusations that the speech itself was “violence” and made the demonstrators feel unsafe. Protesters moved to the front of the room and tried to block the view of Shapiro, who hundreds of students and members of the general public had come to hear deliver his remarks against safe spaces and speech codes.

The crowd waited the protesters out, but at times attendees yelled at the protesters to allow Shapiro to speak, breaking out in their own chants of “USA,” “Free Speech Matters,” and “decency.” Ultimately, the protesters retrenched to an adjoining hallway, where they continued their chants.


1106, 18 November 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Got a huge kick out of Ben yelling “decency” and protestors yelling “shame” back and forth.

    I know liberalism is indecent, but we never have had such an overt admission to indecency by leftists before.

    Great job campus conservatives! I’m with you in your oppressive struggle against the liberal indecency.

  2. jjf

    Clearly Shapiro should’ve been more like Scott Walker and stuck to invite-only events with no press and pre-selected questions.

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