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0954, 09 Nov 16

Market Crash Fails to Materialize

The market hates uncertainty and they were certain that Clinton was going to win. That’s why the futures were dropping over night. But in the light of day, some folks are seeing any significant drop as a buying opportunity, thus reversing the drop.

Wall Street share markets are flat after Donald Trump’s election victory despite expectations of heavy falls.

The S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq stock indexes were little changed after the first hour of trading.

The pre-open future markets forecast dramatic sell-offs when Mr Trump’s lead became clear overnight.

Share traders had expected Hillary Clinton to beat Mr Trump to become the next US president on the back of polling forecasts.

UK and European stock markets have made back early losses, with money flowing into safe haven stocks, gold and currencies including the yen.


0954, 09 November 2016


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