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2128, 06 Oct 16

Feingold Wants to Criminalize Free Speech

Just think through what Feingold wants here.

He said political coordination should be subject to “criminal penalties.”

Criminal. Criminal! He wants the government to draw lines between people to forbid them from speaking to each other, and if you cross those lines, he wants the government to put you in jail. Who draws those lines to decide who can speak to whom and who is forbidden from speaking to whom? Politicians. Politicians who want to be reelected and squelch criticism of their activities. Feingold wants to use the full coercive power of government to actually stop citizens from freely speaking to each other about political issues.

And then there’s this:

Feingold would also turn the Federal Election Commission, which is deadlocked between Republicans and Democrats, into an administrative agency.

Bear in mind that an “administrative agency” means that it is at the beck and call of the party in power. What Feingold wants is to make the government body that is responsible for regulating and enforcing our election laws to be completely controlled by the party that is currently in power. What could go wrong?

Feingold seems to have a perverse penchant for wanting to give politicians the power to put down opposition to their own power.


2128, 06 October 2016


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