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2140, 21 Sep 16

Assembly Republicans to Offer Alternative Transportation Plan


Vos responded in his letter that he and his Assembly GOP colleagues would oblige. Vos, R-Rochester, also criticized Walker’s plan as too reliant on borrowing and lacking a long-term solution for roads.

 Vos emphasized that large highway expansions in southeast Wisconsin, including of the Zoo Interchange and Interstate 94 in Racine and Kenosha counties, would face an uncertain future under Walker’s plan.

“Under your plan, the unfortunate reality is that these roads may not be done in our lifetime,” Vos wrote.

In Dane County, the Verona Road project would be delayed at least two years under Walker’s plan. The plan would keep on track expansions of I-39/90 in Rock and Dane counties and of Highway 10-441 in the Fox Valley.

Vos said Assembly Republicans will hold hearings to gather input from the public and experts before offering their transportation budget alternative. Lawmakers will begin debating transportation and other areas of the next budget in early 2017.

The timing is interesting. Vos is insistent that raising taxes must be on the table, which means that he intends to propose tax increases. BUT, he’s not going to offer his plan until after the new year – AFTER the elections. If Vos wants a tax increase, he should put it out there before the election so that the voters can weigh in. But, of course, Vos doesn’t want that because he knows that the voters don’t want it.


2140, 21 September 2016


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