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1920, 10 Sep 16

Hartford Schools to Decrease Levy

Looks like some decent work going on over in Hartford.

At the district’s annual meeting this week, district residents unanimously approved the district’s 2016-17 budget that includes a drop in the tax levy of about $39,000, but more significantly, a cut in the mill rate of about 26 cents per thousand. The owner of a home in the district valued at $200,000 could see a cut in their district tax bill of about $52.

“The drop in the levy, assuming 2.2 percent growth in property values, would decrease the mill rate from $6.52 per thousand to $6.36,” District Director of Business Services John Stellmacher said. “This is the sixth consecutive year the School Board has reduced the property tax levy.”

The Board has cut taxes by about $1.4 million in real dollars over the past six years. The cuts total $5.8 million when adjusted for inflation, Stellmacher said.


1920, 10 September 2016


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