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0649, 12 Jul 16

Lost Boys Found in Mine

I’m glad they were found alive.

IRON RIDGE — For decades, the only instances of trouble at the Neda Mine in Dodge County consisted of the occasional party or group of campers who were able to make their way through the gates.

That changed Sunday evening when the disappearance of three area boys prompted a massive search, creating a sense of uneasiness in this small rural community.

Up to 100 volunteers from public safety agencies around the state, including the Madison and Milwaukee fire departments, assisted in the search of the abandoned iron mine Sunday evening and Monday morning.

It was to a relieved audience that Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt announced the boy’s safe recovery at a news conference Monday afternoon.

One thing though…

The mine was abandoned in 1915, UW-Milwaukee scientist Gretchen Meyer said, and was donated to the university in 1964. Researchers study the colony of about 100,000 bats that winter in the mine, Meyer said.

Why does UW-Milwaukee need to own this mine? There is a fledgling, and largely ineffective, effort for the state government to sell off property it doesn’t need. Such an effort would generate revenue through the sale of the property, puts the property back on the tax rolls, and allows a private entity to get some use out of it. Does the study of a bat colony justify the university owning the property? Could they not sell it off and get permission to study the bats? Does bat research justify the opportunity cost of other uses for this property?

The fact that this property has apparently been owned by UW-Milwaukee for decades needs more study than the bats.


0649, 12 July 2016


  1. dad29

    UW-M administration.



    Well, Owen, that all fits together very well. What’s your objection, again?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    If this was owned by a private party, liberals would have bemoaned the evil capitalists that allowed this to happen. There would have been inquiries, tarring and dragging them through muck at hearings, etc.

    Why aren’t we doing that to UWM?

    Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of irresponsible liberals.

  3. Pat

    “If this was owned by a private party, liberals would have bemoaned the evil capitalists that allowed this to happen. There would have been inquiries, tarring and dragging them through muck at hearings, etc.”

    There you go again Kevin with your hyperbolic retort that is based on feelings and how you wish a group of people would react. Your allegations are shear fantasy and without merit.

  4. old baldy

    I’ll second Pat’s comments. No one even reads nor heeds kevins comments when he pours on the hatred for those he doesn’t understand or agree with. He had a bad experience at UW-M and hasn’t outgrown his perceived slight. Maturity comes hard for some.

    BTW: All the entrances to the Neda Mine used to be gated and posted as no trespassing. When I was there last ~2010 those gates were locked.

  5. Jason

    At least Kevin isn’t a registered sex offender.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Baldy, pat,

    So Bureau of Land management is being dramatic?

    At very least…UWM administration should be dragged into a hearing and asked, “How did this happen?” “What are you doing about it going forward?” “Do they agree with BLM that abandoned mines can kill children?”

    Demanding simple accountability is a problem?

  7. Pat

    Yes, and how does the article you linked to correlate to what you inferred? I didn’t see anything regarding conservatives or liberals being chastised in it.

  8. old baldy


    Exactly. Just another one of kevins attempts to turn a near tragedy into a political issue.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    Pat, Baldy,

    Near trajedy is not political? since when?

    UWM libs may have been acting irresponsibly. Just demanding an inquiry!

    UWM libs hauled me in front of oppressive liberal administrative and faculty tribunals for much, much less.

    I learned this standard of scrutiny from liberals while in college.
    Are you saying this kind of liberal scrutiny is wrong?

    I leadt want scrutiny for possible irresponsible actions vs. simple free speech.

    Children could have died here.

    Let’s haul them in and work them over in a public hearing.

  10. Pat

    What a cry baby. Put on your man pants and get over it.

  11. old baldy


    You hit the nail on the head again. kevin needs to act the mature adult he claims to be. We all had real or perceived slights while in school at some level. He just can’t get past his 20 some years later. A real mark of maturity.


    No it isn’t in this case. You are the one that wants to make it political. I’m surprised you didn’t drag the religious affiliation of the 3 boys into to your rant as well. There is still time….

  12. Owen

    OB and Pat,

    I hope y’all realize that your obsession with Kevin is a wee bit unhealthy. Y’all devote hours and hours of time having the same argument with him over and over again – usually without regard to the actual topic of the post you’re commenting under. Generally, I don’t even read your comments anymore because they are always the same.

    We get it. Y’all don’t agree with Kevin’s world view or how he practices his faith. Can we move on now?

  13. Pat


    “I hope y’all realize that your obsession with Kevin is a wee bit unhealthy.”

    Is it any more unhealthy than Kevin’s obsessions???

  14. Owen

    I want you to think about your opinion of Kevin and then consider if that’s the defense you really want to use.

  15. Pat

    I’m not considering my opinion of Kevin as a defense. But in the future I will not call Kevin out on his lies or his hyperbolic distortions of reality.

  16. Jason

    Ban the two of them and be done with it. They serve no purpose other than to attack a small businessman.

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