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2147, 01 Jul 16

Washington County Falls Victim to Scam

What the…?

On June 16, 2016, a wire transfer was authorized in the amount of $87,760 to criminal bank accounts.  Upon identifying the error, County finance staff notified the Sheriff’s Department to begin an investigation.  In cooperation with the Sheriff’s Department, County Administration is taking active steps to mitigate the financial loss for Washington County and educate against e-mail phishing scams.

“We wanted to bring this information to the taxpayer’s attention as soon as possible and exhibit complete transparency regarding this breach.  As soon as we are able, we will provide full details of the investigation and of our efforts to ensure those responsible are held accountable,” said Joshua Schoemann, Washington County Administrator.  “It is very unfortunate that we fell victim to this scam.”

That amount of money should never be transferred without some serious oversight. Heads better roll for this screw up.


2147, 01 July 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    “Criminal bank account.”

    First thing we should check is Clinton Foundation.

  2. old baldy


    Let us know how that turns out, will you ?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Well I would expect 28 months of blocked subpoenas, records destruction, and crazy liberal spin about what little information we can get out of the Clinton Foundation.

    Hillary is never in favor of transparency, because the truth is ugly for her. She is peddling government influence for money.

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