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0943, 21 Jun 16

Paul Nehlen’s Business Doesn’t Appear to Actually Do Any Business

The evidence is pretty damning that Paul Nehlen, Paul Ryan’s primary opponent who is running to the right of Ryan, is a fraud.

Paul Nehlen has made his business experience the centerpiece of his primary campaign against House Speaker Paul Ryan, but while he claims to be a “Wisconsin small business owner,” there is no evidence that his business has ever actually done business in Wisconsin…or anywhere else, for that matter.

Good work by Dan O’Donnell.


0943, 21 June 2016


  1. Steve Austin

    I think Ryan needs to be held accountable on his trade and immigration actions over the years.

    But yeah, Nehlen is a bit of a fraud. Been waiting for a couple months for his bio to get debunked. He never mentions specifics on anything on his website, Schooling, actual employer names and tenures, etc.

    What is he trying to hide?

  2. Jason Lebeck

    Vote Libertarian, Jason Lebeck, for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. I want to stop the endless wars, stop crony capitalism, and protect private property rights. Go to the following site to learn more about me and my campaign:

    BTW, I’m not a fraud.

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