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1655, 16 Jun 16

Wisconsin Has Lowest Unemployment Rate in 15 Years


MADISON (WKOW) — Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is at a 15-year low.

State Workforce Development officials reported Thursday the rate dropped to from 4.4 percent in April to 4.2 percent in May, its lowest level since March 2001.


1655, 16 June 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    No apology from liberals for trying to stop the Walker prosperity?

  2. Jason

    This is good, and shows perserverancemail over a number of recall attempts, constitutional violating investigations, Democratic leaders fleeing the state like a bunch of babies, and a harsh economy. We still have a long way to go, keep pushing forward conservatives, make this state great again.

  3. Mark Maley

    I am a fan of higher employment in Wisconsin not matter what party is in power

    I am not a fan of celebrating this # while criticizing lower national unemployment numbers as the product of people no longer looking for work

    If you celebrate a state # without caveats ,
    Please do so with the national #

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