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2201, 18 May 16

Kooyenga Challenges MTEA to Step Up

Once again, it’s a suburban Republican fighting the hardest for a quality education for Milwaukee’s kids.

Kooyenga, who wrote the legislation that created the Opportunity Schools Partnership Program, said if things don’t go his way in overhauling the system, “I’m not going to take my ball and go home, because there are too many kids in this city in a tight spot because the current system is not serving them.”

Would the teachers union do the same?

“I offer this to you,” the Brookfield Republican said to Baker. “If the union thinks it can run a school, you could run a school. You could go to the Opportunity Schools and go, we know how to do education. You could run a school. And I encourage you to try that.”

Baker didn’t respond to the suggestion.


2201, 18 May 2016


  1. Hello

    He is a very impressive person and bound to either be a force in federal government or one day be the Governor of Wisconsin

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m convinced MTEA wants to generate victims.

    Students that think, reason, and provide for themselves tend to be less liberal.

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