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1736, 15 May 16

WI GOP Backs Trump

Well, not really.

They overwhelmingly plan to vote for Trump with 81 percent, or 244, indicating plans to do so. Another 12 percent, or 36 attendees, said they would vote for a third-party or independent candidate, while 4 percent, or 11 attendees, plan to sit out the presidential race. Two attendees indicated support for Clinton, while seven who voted in the straw poll did not register a preference.

State GOP officials said roughly 1,200 delegates, alternates and guests had registered at the convention as of Saturday afternoon.

Credit WisPolitics for sharing the raw numbers. It shows just how worthless straw polls are. I hope people remember that at the national GOP convention too.

So from the raw data… of the 1,200 registered attendees, 244 decided to answer the straw poll in favor of Trump. That’s 20%. That’s pretty close to in line with the Republican primary results last month. It tells me that the Trump campaign still has a very long way to go in mending bridges if they want to get the majority of the Republican base on board.

Bear in mind that the people attending the convention are the hardcore party activists. They are mostly good people who put in an extraordinary amount of time on the ground supporting Republican candidates. It’s not just a matter of whether or not they will vote for Trump. Will they work for him?



1736, 15 May 2016


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