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0955, 11 May 16

Wisconsin Dem Party Circles Wagons for Establishment Incumbent

In this case, you have two very liberal Democrats, but the incumbent Senator is slightly more moderate on a couple of issues. She is being challenged by an even more radical liberal in her own party. This is kind of fun to watch.

The state Dem Party has cut off Rep. Mandela Barnes’ access to its data-rich voter file for the 4th SD, rescinding the contract the two had signed in 2015.

The move comes after the Milwaukee Dem formally announced plans to challenge Sen. Lena Taylor in a primary.

Party spokesman Brandon Weathersby said the contract lapsed after Barnes filed to run for the Senate. Weathersby confirmed the party’s Executive Committee voted last week that the agreement had lapsed after “an issue was raised” over the deal.

Barnes said Tuesday state Chair Martha Laning told him Taylor complained about the contract, which was signed 11 months ago. Barnes noted his log-in for the voter file included a reference to the 4th SD, and he gave a picture to confirm his account. Barnes said it was no secret he was interested in information for the Senate district.


0955, 11 May 2016


  1. Anonybob

    “…two very liberal women…”
    You’re right on top of things. Mandela is male. And do you think the the GOP would share party resources with Kleefish if he challenged Fitzgerald?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    Maybe he gender identifies as a “woman”. We can’t jump to conclusions these days that just because one thinks someone is male, they gender identify as male.

  3. Owen

    Fair enough anon. I was blogging quickly before heading to work and made a mistake. Thanks for catching it. It’s corrected.

  4. The Bystander

    So how is this any different than the way the Wisconsin Republicans are treating Paul Nehlen’s primary challenge to Paul Ryan?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Paul is not serious. He did not even bother to vote in several important recent elections involving Walker.

    You cannot complain about how things are being done, if you don’t even bother to vote!

    Little hard to take that seriously.

  6. the bystander


    Isn’t that what the Republican Party said about Trump?

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    However, Nehlen is not a crazy liberal billionaire. Nehlen is also not as good at duping peple as Trump.

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