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2010, 10 May 16

Kevin Kennedy Retiring

Huzzah, huzzah.

Kennedy announced his intentions Tuesday to retire on June 29. That is the day before the Government Accountability Board which he heads is dissolved and reconstituted as two separate commissions.

The 64-year-old Kennedy has worked for the state on elections for 37 years. He first served on the state Elections Board as an attorney and then executive director from 1982 to 2007. He then served as head of the GAB from 2007 until his retirement.

I’m curious as to the timing. Is there something to do with a pension payout or something that dictates the timing?


2010, 10 May 2016


  1. Dave

    The timing probably has to do with his disdain for the current regime and its devotion to eliminate non partisan election supervision with a partisan model that is much less likely to speak truth to power! Too bad for all of us.

  2. Pat

    “In an interview Tuesday, Kennedy said he had wanted to retire in 2017 so he could preside over his 10th presidential election. But with the Legislature’s decision to dissolve the accountability board next month, Kennedy said he had decided to step down and told the board that on Sunday.”

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