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0725, 27 Apr 16

Feingold’s Slush Fund

I thought we already knew that Feingold’s Progressive United PAC was just a slush fund he set up while in the wilderness to fund his return to D.C.? Wasn’t that obvious to everyone?

Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold set a specific goal when he set up Progressives United PAC shortly after losing his seat to Republican challenger Ron Johnson in 2010.

Feingold, a Democrat, said he wanted the political action committee “to support candidates that will stand up to corporate influence and oppose those who blindly push the agenda of their corporate backers.”

Now the question is this: Has Feingold proved to be the primary beneficiary of that work by Progressives United PAC and its nonprofit arm, Progressives United Inc.?

It certainly appears so — whether that was the intent or not.

In important ways, Feingold’s campaign against Johnson has picked up on the successes of Progressives United Inc. and PAC, which spent a combined $10 million since 2011.


0725, 27 April 2016


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