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1946, 22 Apr 16

Democrats Push for Voter ID Training


Some Wisconsin Democrats are calling for the GOP-controlled state Legislature to fund a statewide campaign to educate voters about Wisconsin’s newly enacted voter ID law.

State Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, was joined at a Capitol news conference on Thursday by the Wisconsin League of Women Voters and poll workers from across the state, who shared challenges some voters faced during the presidential primary earlier this month.

Generally speaking, I don’t have a problem with some education on Voter ID. It was a new requirement and the state should let people know. But we already had a successful election with high turnout with very few problems. And the state, clerks, political parties, and other interest groups already provided a ton of education. There will always be a few people who either don’t get it or aren’t paying attention.

As usual, I suggest that you follow the money.

Taylor called on the state’s Joint Committee on Finance to use uncommitted state funds to pay for the education campaign. She pointed to a memo from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, which identified $267,200 in unclaimed general revenue funds that could be allocated to the cause.

There is “unused” money that Taylor wants to spend. Where would the money go? Who would provide the education? Would it be the League of Women Voters who testified? Other liberal interest groups? And if there is a huge problem with people not knowing about Voter ID, how far does $267,200 go in fixing that problem?

Call me cynical, but this just looks like an attempt to get the state to spend some “unclaimed” taxpayer cash on some favored recipients.


1946, 22 April 2016


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