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0809, 09 Mar 16

Tennies Day

Congratulations to Herb Tennies for his 50+ years of public service to West Bend.

Washington County Supervisors, staff and state and local dignitaries were at the public administration building to honor Chairman Herbert Tennies as he retires this year. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker issued a proclamation declaring March 8 Herbert J. Tennies Day as county officials named the facility after him.

And to think, Tennies’ life in public service happened by coincidence. One evening after a drill, a group of West Bend volunteer firefighters decided to visit a local pub to unwind. They sat down, ordered a round of drinks and talked about their lives, children and families.

Eventually the conversation turned to public affairs, events in the community and government business. There was a vacancy for justice of the peace and the group talked about how one of their own enjoyed learning about government issues and nominated him for the position.

That was the start of Tennies’ career as an elected official.


0809, 09 March 2016


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