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0617, 03 Feb 16

Madison Schools Looking at Staff Cuts

I would point out that the Madison School Board has been the most reluctant to utilize the freedom given them by Act 10 to manage their budget. This is the result:

Madison School District officials have begun the annual task of crafting a budget for the next school year, and once again, the news is not good.

Preliminary calculations show another round of staff cuts likely will be needed, in the range of 70 to 80 positions.

“We’ve been on a downward spiral in terms of revenue for a few years, and this year isn’t going to be any different,” said School Board President James Howard.

The reduction in employees would help close a budget gap of around $8.5 million. However, administrators say some of the staff cuts — 30 to 39 positions — would be happening anyway because enrollment is declining. The enrollment dip appears to be short-term, they say.

You know where you’re not hearing about widespread staffing cuts? West Bend.


0617, 03 February 2016


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